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A very terrible accident of a biker took place on Sargodha Road's Railway Overhead Bridge today, 03 September 2011 at about 02:25pm. The injured person got some severe injuries; his right leg was broken from two points and he his right arm was also fractured.
In the meantime We reached there, people are gathering at that spot. Someone calls to Rescue 1122 and the Rescue Team reached there within 4 minutes with ambulance. Team was comprised upon 3 persons, they were well equipped with all the basic gadgets. Rescue 1122 Team provided first aid to the victim with care. They were good in their expertise and polite in their behavior. They not only provide rescue services to the victim but also dispersed the crowed with patience. After few minutes Edhi Ambulance also reached there.
Rescue 1122 is serving the people of Gujrat as well as people of other cities of Punjab in emergencies in a very good manner.
RESCUE 1122 Gujrat
We should take utmost care while biking especially young bikers should avoid speed thrilling, wheeling and other stunts with their bikes as it may be fatal in some cases. We should also wear a safety helmet while biking.

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