Gujrat at Night – Photos

Here are some photos of Gujrat, taken from different spots of city at night. It was about mid night when I with my brother was wandering on the roads and in the streets of Gujrat City to know about the life of Gujrat at night.
PACE Shopping Mall Gujrat
A View from Kutchehary Chowk Gujrat
Kutchehary Road Gujrat
Ladies and Children Park Gujrat
Ladies & Children Park
Nawaz Sharif Park Gujrat
Fawara Chowk Gujrat
Sargodha Road Gujrat
Traffic on Roads at Night
Road near Girls College, Fawar Chowk Gujrat
A Road View
Qandfishan Marriage Hall and Sweets Shop
"Kehtay hain keh Lahore sari raat jagta hy. Gujrat sari raat to nahi haan albata aadhi raat tak taqreeban sara shehr jag raha hota hy. Markets, Hotels etc khulay hotay hain."

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