Ustad Imam Din Gujrati – Biography, Poetry and Books

Ustad Imam Din Gujrati- Biography
Imam Din was his real name while he used pen name of Ustad so got fame by the name of Ustad Imam Din Gujrati. He was born in 1870 and died on 22 February, 1954. He was very famous for his funny poetry.
He worked as a Clerk in Municipal Committee of Gujrat.

Ustad Imam Din’s Education
His actual school education was only primary level but he used to write many honorary degrees with his name. All these degrees were not awarded by any university to him; however he himself or his fans awarded these  honorary titles to him. His self-styled titles are explained as follows:
‘BA’ – Baba-e-Adab
‘MA’ – Mojad-e-Adab
‘ASS’ – Afsar Shair-o-Shaery
‘PHD’ – Phaazil Degree
‘USA’ – Ustad Shouraa-e-Alam
Honorary degree of BA (Baba-e-Adab) was awarded by Mian Ehsan-ul-Haq, Session Judge Gujrat in the presence of Mr. C King Deputy Commissioner Gujrat and other officers, lawyers and lords of city. Titles of USA and ASS were awarded to him by Halqa-e-Adab Gujrat in 1944.

Ustad Imam Din’s Poetry
He started writing poetry in 1902. He also wrote some poetry books; Bang-e-Dhul is one of his very famous books. Many people said that he named this book as the name of Bang-e-Dara of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He also met with Allama Iqbal in Lahore and wrote following Punjabi verses about this meeting:
Hum ny bhe Lahore ja ker daikha, Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal
Baatain bhe kerta jata tha, huqa bhe peeta jata tha naal naal
Ustad Imam Din wrote following poem at success of Muslim League in Punjab Assembly Elections.
Shukeriya laakhoon karooron Ya Khuda kertay hain hum
Aaj Nusrat-o-Fateh ka sajda ada kertay hain hum
Duniya main jis kaam ke ibtada kertay hain hum
Teri rehmat ke madad sy inteha kertay hain hum
Ban gay hain hum ouj-e-falak kay aftab
Mr. Jinah ko jab sy apna rehnuma kertay hain hum
Verses from one of his very popular poem:
Tere goday main dard-e-jigar Imam Dina
Tu khaa gobhi aaloo matar Imam Dina
Jannat ki koi seat khali nahin hai
Tu chhaiti se dozakh main warh Imam Dina
He had written poetry on many unique topics but he got fame due to his funny poetry.

Ustad Imam Din and Pakistan Movement
He was a very patriot Pakistani. He wrote some poems in the support of Muslim League and Quaid-e-Azam during Pakistan movement.

Read Bang-e-Dhul Free
You can read Bang-e-Dhul by Imam Din Gujrat online. 

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