Flood in Head Khanki at Chenab River

Flood in Head Khanki at Chenab River
A high flood tide of 3, 70,000 cusecs of water was reported passing through Head Khanki in River Chenab. Many villages of Gujrat district are under threat of water flood at Khanki Head works e.g. Langay, Khojianwali, Golayki, Chak Gil and Nawan Lok Langay….
Head Khanki or the Khanki Headwork is the oldest head work of Pakistan. It is present at river Chenab in Gujrat District. It is used to control water flow and flood flow in river Chenab. Another use is to provide water to tributaries Such as Lower Chenab. It was built in 1889. Canal Lower Chenab originates from Head Khanki. It provides water to three million acres (12,000 km²) of agricultural lands by one main distributary, Lower Chenab, and 59 minor distributaries. Its bridge is in shambles nowadays and is posing a serious threat to adjoining population of 100,000. In the last 118 years there were 11 occasions when water was 730 feet higher in it than sea level at times of high floods. There were 16 occasions in the last century when flood flow was 400,000 to 600,000 cusec. There was also a high flood at Head Khanki in 1992.


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