Addowal (Adowal) Gujrat

Addowal (Adowal) Gujrat
Addowal is a small town of Gujrat. Addowal is also a union council of Gujrat district. The lands of Addowal are very fertile so the occupation of the majority of the local people is agriculture. While some people of new generation are also settled in foreign countries (KSA, UAE, Europe…). Fruit Market (Fruit Mandi) of Gujrat is also located in Addowal.

Alternative Names of Addowal:

History of Addowal:
According to Hindu myths, there are two princes (Oodal and Ahla) who were thrown into fire but saved by the grace of God. So the name of Addowal is derived from combining these two names.

Location of Addowal:
It is located on main GT Road. It is located at latitude of 32°37'0N and longitude of 73°10'60E.

Other nearby Villages:
Marrarian Sharif, Dittewal, Jatto Wakal, Tibbi Gorian Mughlan, Marlan and Chechian are some prominent villages near Addowal

Schools in Addowal:
Government Comprehensive High School is the most famous school of Addowal while many other public and private primary schools are also working in Addowal.

Abrar ul Haq and Addowal
Famous singer, Abrar ul Haq has studied at Government Comprehensive High School for some period. 


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  2. Tibi Gorian Mughlan
    Village Tibi Gorian Mughlan, 1 mile west of present-day Gujrat City traces back its history and name from a Great Mughal, Amir Taimoor Gorgan, (Timor Gorgan/ Tamerlane 1336-1405 AD) whose armies camped here when he conquered India. Originally it was TIBI (small hill) GORGAN MUGHLAN and later TIBI GORIAN MUGHLAN. There are many places and villages of the same name viz. Tibi Gorian Mughlan/ Tibi Gorgan Mughlan throughout India and Pakistan, where Taimoor Gorgan,s armies camped or fought against Tughlaq King of Hindustan ( India).

    Village Maral is a separate village from Tibi Gorian Mughlan and is named after a Bloch tribe which came to the area when the exiled Mughal King Humayun(1508- 1556 AD) returned from Iran to India with the help of the Maral Bloch tribe. A big name in Tibi Gorian Mughlan's present history is Mirza Hakim Beg Barlas known as Darogha Sahib. He was a big gun in British India and later in Pakistan.

  3. AnonymousMay 20, 2022

    Tibbi Marlan is sub town of addowal land of tibbi marlan and miana dara are joint some family moved in 1800 and some family moved in 1950 era tibbi marlan people are Rajput migrate from deli 1500 and settle in addowal after defeated by mughal


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