Dinga Gujrat

History of Dinga:
Dinga is a town of Tehsil Kharian and District Gujrat. Dinga was established in 16th century. Dinga is named after “Ding” which is a sub-caste of Gujar.
Population of this town is about 50,000. There is also a Sikh Shrine, Nanak Sar Gurdwara from the pre-partition time.
It has a park, Fatima Jinnah Children Park, Dinga.

Dinga is 135 km from Islamabad, 130 km from Lahore, 25 km from Kharian and 20 km from Gujrat. Lalamusa- Sargodha Railway track also passes from Dinga, and Dinga has also a mini railway station.

Dinga has a Government Degree College for Boys and a Government Degree College for Girls.

Banks in Dinga:
All the major banks have their branches in Dinga; ABL, HBL, MCB, UBL and Bank Alfalah.

Several Weekly (Deehat Times, Nawa I Dinga, Times of Dinga, Muqabil) and Monthly (Nawa I Mash’hood)Newspapers are published from Ding.

Dinga has a Police Station and a Police Choki.
Police Station Dinga near Committee Office
Phone No. 053-7401509

Police Choki Dinga
Telephone No:        053-7400617


  1. I am doing research on Rai Bahdur lala Sunder dass Chopra from Dinga who married Ram Pyari . She came from Gujrat. I would greatly appreciate any information about their life, reason for his death in 1921. Where did ram Ram Pyari live. where was she at the timeof his death? Photographs would be greatly welcome. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you and all your help. My email id: amritalamba99@gmail.com. I do not know Urdu so I had to write in English.as his 2nd wife and built Ram Pyari Mahal

  2. I am doing research on Rai Bahadur lala sunder dass from dinga. Plz help ma and send any information plz

  3. My email umariqbal79@yahoo.com plz send any information of Rai Bahadur Lala Sunder Dass Chopra for Gujarat. I am very thankful to you anty pic Mr. Rai Bahadur and Ram Pyari


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