Jalalpur Jattan Gujrat

Jalalpur Jattan

History of Jalal Pur Jattan
Jalalpur Jattan is a big town of Gujrat which has recently been upgraded as a tehsil of District Gujrat. Jalalpur Jattan was established by a Jutt, Jalal. But history about this city shows that a town on the same place was founded by Chandar Gupta Maurya, a Hindu Ruler, in 300 BC.

Jalalpur Jattan Cantonement
Jalalpur Jattan is on the border of Kashmir and India. Jalalpur Jattan is also called as Gate of Kashmir. Due to its  geographical and strategic importance, recently a cantonment/ military base has been built in Jalalpur Jattan.

Nearby Famous Towns and Villages of Jalalpur Jattan
Tanda, Mota, Bhagowal, Lakhan Wal, Chak Kamala, Sheikh Choghani Syedan, Karianwala, Awan Sharif, Barrila

Transportation to Jalalpur Jattan
Jalalpur Jattan is situated 20 km away from Gujrat. You can go to Jalalpur Jattan only by road.  

News of Jalalpur Jattan
In past, some 94 cases of HIV Aids Positive are also reported by an NGO (New Light AIDS Control Society, Lahore) after its free screening camp.

Police Stations in Jalalpur Jattan- Address and Phone Numbers

Police Station Sadar Jalalpur Jattan

Address:           Shahbaz Pur Road, Jalalpur Jattan
Telephone:        053-3592124

Police Station City Jalalpur Jattan

Address:           Shahbaz Pur Road, Jalalpur Jattan
Telephone:        053-3592123


  1. I was looking for a location named "Mohallah Fiaz abad" in Jalalpur Jattan. Does this mohallah really exists?

  2. Many thanks for updating us about birthplace of my mother hailing from there.

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  4. i am looking for Allah wali masjid ... can any one help me in locating that place .. ??

  5. i m looking for total number of household in Jalal-pur-Jattan??

  6. Kindly i need contact number of Quran Society in Jalalpur Jattan



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    I am looking AHMED nassar sime now any one


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