Few Main Problems of Gujrat City

As a person who spent his early years in Gujrat and studied here this city holds very good memories. I am in the city nowadays as a visitor having visited for the past 6 years every year without fail. It saddens me to see that it has fallen well short of my expectations as a whole. Every year it seems to be slipping into towards an unknown fate. The situation regarding dirt is the most serious because it carries germs which cannot be good for citizens of this city. It seems no one has tried to get this anomaly rectified. It can be gotten rid of with a clear plan within six months. Then we have noise pollution which is excessive to say the least. Noise from motor cycles, noise from Rickshaws, and noise from loudspeakers which seem to be on full blast at all times of day and night. Then we have the traffic problems. It seems there are no rules as to how a person should ride or drive any contraption without being a nuisance to others. There seems to be a free for all attitude in this regard. Crossing the road is as difficult as crossing Atlantic by foot. Then we have Doctors as they are called here whereby they can say anything do anything without any recourse for their actions. Just stabbing with a syringe seems to be the favorite thing. Medicine is given which is either too strong or for the wrong purpose. Most of these so called doctors don't even have the correct degree to prescribe medicine. 

I am sure all these matters can be sorted out, it may take time but we have to start sometime. It will not be easy I know. I am willing to give a hand where ever it is required. I can be contacted at the given email address. 

One more thing which needs attention quickly. That is the main bazar which is crowded at the best of times but the biggest thing which must be rectified is motor cycles running around inside the bazar for no apparent reason. While shopping you find that a motor cycle is right in your toes from behind as you turn around there is another one coming from your front. The idea is that shopping places should be for shopping only not for young louts to race these contraptions in crowded areas. There are very simple solutions to these matters and I will be able to lay them down one by one for the benefit of citizens and shopkeepers of Gujrat if you allow me to do so. Half the population (woman) cannot feel safe from prying eyes of everyone so they prefer not to go shopping. This is and should be unacceptable to all concerned. It would be beneficial for all shopkeepers to have woman do their shopping in peaceful environment. 

I know what the situation is around the country but why not make our city an envy for the whole nation? Why just keep to the same traditions and outdated rules? It is time to change and time to make our city the best around. It will not cost much to have a beautiful city for our residents free from pollution of all sorts. 

I hope that my offer is taken up with good faith. Looking forward to hearing from people in charge of Gujrat.

We receive this email from one our website's reader, Mr. Qaiser Hussain. You can contact him at his email address (sallah-udin@yahoo.co.uk) about his views and ideas. You are also welcome to share your thoughts here in the comments.


  1. you are talking mission impossible sir. gujratis need a behaviour therapy.

  2. your vision is highly appreciable. contact me @ naumanakram11@gmail.com for discussion of practical implementation of them. You might live abroad but Im here.

  3. Nothing is impossible....possible and impossible just found in our thinking..
    If u say
    I can do
    U r right
    I you say " I cannot do"
    U r right...so we need to concentrate the unhygiene condition of our city Gujrat.


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