Read Online Urdu Book about Gujrat - "Gujrat aur Shahdaula Wali"

Urdu Books about Gujrat

Though Gujrat has a rich history from the era of Mughal Empire. You will find references of Gujrat and its surrounding towns in many books of history of sub-continent but ironically there are very rare collection of books which is written only about history of Gujrat. In the past M. Zaman Khokhar Advocate has written some books about Gujrat and now another book "Gujrat aur Shahdaula Wali" by Muhammad Ehsan Chheena, is a very good addition.

Read Online Urdu Book "Gujrat aur Shahdaula Wali"

Here is this Urdu book "Gujrat aur Shahdaula Wali". It has covered many topics; History of Gujrat, Hadhrat Shahdaula Pir, Facts about Rat Children (Chuhay), Mughal, Sikh and British regimes in this region, Buildings constructed by Shahdaula Wali etc. It has also many stories of kings, queens and princes of that time.
So enjoy reading this book and share your views:

(گجرات اور شاہدولہ ولی (مصنف: محمد ااحسان چھینہ
Gujrat Aur Shahdola Wali - Written By: Muhammad Ahsan  

This book has 176 pages. Khuram Ehan published it from Rozan Publishers Gujrat and Marfat Library published it online.


  1. Fazool history batayi hay app nay ...apni marzi say history ko change kar deya gea hay app ke taraf say ....Gujrat ...Gujjar Jatt say mel ke bana hay ? Mohtaram app ke lea araz hay ke Nagar ..Nagri ...aur Rahth ..ka matlab same hey ke Sakoonat /Rehahish banta hay ..Gujrat tab Gujjar jatt say mel kar banta agar Rath ka matlab sakoonat/Rehaish na hota ...Gujrat means ...Gujjar Nagri ...Gujron ke sakoonat wala eilaka ...Dont make it wrong plz



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