Anwar Masood

Anwar Masood

Anwar Masood's Personal Life

Anwar Masood was born in Gujrat on 08 November, 1935. His father name is Muhammad Azeem and mother name is Iqbal Begum.  In 1941 his family shifted to Lahore and within few years his family moved back to Gujrat.
He has one son; Tariq Masood and 4 daughters.

Anwar Masood's Education

He got his early education from Lahore but completed his secondary education from Public High School Gujrat and BA from Government Zamindar College Gujrat. He passed his MA (Persian) with Gold Medal from Oriental College Lahore in 1961. 

Anwar Masood
Anwar Masood

Anwar Masood as A Teacher

Anwar Masood started his career as a teacher in Government Islamia High School Kunjah, Gujrat. He taught in various colleges of Punjab as Lecturer from 1962 to 1996. 

Anwar Masood as A Poet

Anwar Masood is well known Pakistani Poet. He writes in Urdu, Punjabi and Persian languages. He is famous for his Punjabi comic poetry. Anwar Masood is the most popular Punjabi Poet of current era. He shows true culture of Punjab in his poetry. 
Some of his most popular comic poems are following:
  • Aj Ke Pakaeay 
  • Banyaan
  • Jhelum Da Pul
  • Juma Bazaar
  • Anar Kali Diyan Shaanan
Watch Video of Poem "Aj Ke Pakaeay" by Anwar Masood

Watch Video of Poem "Jhelum Da Pul"

Watch Video of Poem "Bunyan"

Books by Anwar Masood

Some of his books are following.
  1. Mela Akhiyan Da (Punjabi)
  2. Hun Ke Karieay (Punjabi)
  3. Lasi tay Chah (Punjabi)
  4. Ambri (Punjabi)
  5. Shakh e Tabasum (Urdu)
  6. Ek Dareecha Ek Cheragh (Urdu)
  7. Meli Meli Dhoop (Urdu)

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