Industrial Exhibition Gujrat 2012 - Highlights and Photos

GTCCI arranged a well organized and mega industrial exhibition in Gujrat from 3rd to 8th April 2012. This is 2nd Industrial Expo of Gujrat, 1st was held last year. There were hundreds of stalls of industrial products, handicrafts, garments and food products. Huge crowd was observed in all these 6 days during exhibition timings in Ch. Zahoor Elahi Stadium.

Here are some photos (with captions and short descriptions) taken from Industrial Exhibition Gujrat 2012.
Main Stage for Entertainment, Musical and Quiz Programs

A View of Main Entrance of 2nd Annual Gujrat Expo 2012

A Billboard of General Annual Gujrat Expo 2012

Stall of KoncepT Furnishers

Stall of a Ceramics Company at Exhibition

Stall of a Fan Company

Electrical Goods in a Display Center

Different products painted with Diamond Paints displayed here

Sky Wing Motorcycles and Rachna CNG Rickshaws

Suzuki Motors' refurbished cars (with guarantee) displayed for sale

Stall of a Auto Body Parts Manufacturer from Mandi Baha ud Din

Many Colleges, TEVTA Institutes and Private Schools also shown their presence in mega event by putting their projects and introductory material. Government Swedish College of Technology Gujrat's stall was the centre of attraction for all those who love use of science and technology for the betterment of mankind. Faran Institute of Technology, Dar e Arqam School and many other educational organizations were also there.
Students and Teachers of Government Swedish Pakistani College of Technology Gujrat on their Project Display Center

Stall of Faran Institute of Technology, Gujrat
Carpets, Cloths, Leather Products, Toys, Plastic Ware and many other common products were also displayed by their manufacturers/ producers or distributors.

GTCCI and other organizers deserves appreciation for conducting such a mega event successfully and peacefully. 

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