QR Code Image of GujratPakistan.com

QR stands for Quick Response Code. It is an advanced form of conventional bar code and a QR Code has black squares and rectangles on white background.

GujratPakistan.com’s QR Code
I have created a QR Code for this blog, www.GujratPakistan.com. And you can get basic information about this blog by decoding this QR Code Image with any QR Code Reader or using a QR Reader Mobile Phone Application.
Just take a picture of this image with your mobile phone QR Application and you will not only get basic information but you can also visit this blog. Following information is encoded in this image:

Name: Gul Chaudhry Email: web_nazam@live.com URL: www.gujratpakistan.com City: Gujrat Province: Punjab Country: Pakistan ZIP/Postal Code: 50700

So Guys, If you have a mobile phone with QR Application installed and you want to know its function, please use your gadget to interpret this QR Image and write down your view in comments box below.
Its fun!

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