Video Songs about Gujrat

Let’s have some fun and entertainment by watching these video songs about Gujrat.
Many famous folk singers; Alam Lohar, Arif Lohar, Ibrar ul Haq and Inayat Hussain Bhatti have relation with Gujrat in one or other way but there are a very limited number of songs available about Gujrat.
I have chosen following two Punjabi songs from YouTube to share with my visitors of this blog about Gujrat and Gujratis. I hope you will enjoy watching these videos.

Dil Le Gaye Kudi Gujrat De – Song 1
Title of the first song is “Dil Le Gaye Kudi Gujrat De”. It is an Indian Bhangra song and in it Gujrat means Indian Province of Gujarat but for the sake of enjoyment I am sharing it with you.

Gujrat Diyan Kia Baatan – Song 2
This is a Pakistani Song by Tariq Tafu. Sound track and music is good but the video contains only photos. It also includes a beautiful portrait of Sohni Mahinwal while Sohni is swimming rather drowning in River Chenab while Mahinwal is waiting for him on the riverbank.

Your nice comments about these videos these songs are welcomed and if you want us to share and upload other video/audio songs then also please suggest us or more preferably write down the URL of the song.

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