Gas and Electricity Load Shedding in District Gujrat

Gujrat city is facing gas load shedding awfully like other big or industrial cities of Punjab. Kharian, Lalamusa and Sarai Alamgir cities of district Gujrat are also facing gas shortage. At day times, gas pressure is too low to cook food or to heat room or water. Geezers, Room Heaters and Ovens are useless in the absence of Sui Gas. Common man is unable to wrestle with current cold weather of winter season. SNGPL (Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd) is responsible for supply of gas, but SNGPL is supplying gas lesser than the demand. Loadshedding of electricity and gas is being done side by side. People are fed up from both of these.

Unscheduled and Prolonged load shedding in Gas and Electric Supply has multiplied the sufferings of public. People are protesting against prevailing gas and electricity load shedding condition.

According to an official of Ministry of Petroleum and Gas, “Pakistan would face gas deficit close to 1 billion cubic feet per day during this winter”

It is also notable that CNG stations and industries are also pointed to gas load shedding for 2 days a week. Simultaneously, rates of LPG Cylinders, Coal and Firewood have also been increased.

As Pakistan has signed two major gas contracts; IPI and TAPI, it is believed that energy requirement will soon be fulfilled with the gas supplied through these projects.

Government of Pakistan and SNGPL is requested to please investigate the matter and stop this load shedding of Sui Gas, while PEPCO, WAPDA and GEPCO is requested to stop electric load shedding from Gujrat.

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  1. In this times of gas shortage, I suggest fuel rationing for companies. The government can also implement measures for all to cope with this.


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