Documentary about Problems of Gujrat

Gujrat has unique historical and traditional identity. It has a privilege that 3 sons of Gujrat have been awarded with Nishan-e-Haider in 1965 and 1971 wars. Gujrat has gained its fame in the industry of Fan Manufacturing and Pottery.
This is a documentary about problems of Gujrat city and it contains two YouTube videos. There are many development works have been done in city and whole district and many are in progress but even that this city is facing so many problems and troubles. Government should focus in education sector and development of infrastructure. There are only a few parks and stadiums in Gujrat. Sewerage is a big problem of city. Sewerage water forms a pond in Staff Gala in Monsoon and rainy season.
Though this video is old and many of the problems mentioned in this video are resolved but there is still a pile of problems to be addressed.

Problems of Gujrat Documentary Part - I

Problems of Gujrat Documentary Part - II

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