Sarai Alamgir Pakistan

Sarai Alamgir Pakistan
Sarai Alamgir or Sara-e-Alamgir is a tehsil of District Gujrat. Sarai Alamgir is located on main GT Road and on the eastern bank of Jhelum River. Population of Sarai Alamgir is about 60,000. History of this area is very old from the time of Indus Valley Civilization and Gandhara Civilization. Battle of the Hydaspes took place nearby, between the armies of Alexander the Great and the Raja Porus.

Mughal King Aurangzeb Alamgir built a Sarai (Inn) at this place. So after the name of this king, a town established there, Sarai Alamgir.

MCJ (Military College Jhelum) is also located in Sarai Alamgir. College was first established as “King George V Royal Indian Military School” on March 3rd 1922

Rohtas Fort is very famous place for tourists. 

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