Union Councils in District Gujrat

Union Councils in Gujrat District

What is a Union Council?
Union Council is a basic unit of LOCAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM in Pakistan. Every Union Council has an elected body which includes a Nazim (Chairman), Naib Nazim (Vice Chairman) and 11 other councilors. Union councils are the fifth tier of government in Pakistan and are often known as "village councils" in rural areas. A union council may comprise a big village and some small villages or it may comprise some Mohallahas and colonies of urban area.

How many Union Councils in District Gujrat?
District Gujrat has three Tehsils and 117 Union Councils. Number of Union Councils in each Teshil is given against Tehsil name:
Tehsil Gujrat = 65
Tehsil Kharian = 43
Tehsil Sarai Alamgir = 09

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