Schools in District Gujrat

Details of Government Schools of Gujrat District
There are 1939 Government Schools in district Gujrat; 957 schools in Tehsil Gujrat, 754 schools in Tehsil Kharian, 228 schools in Tehsil Sarae Alamgir. In these 1939 schools there are 280 Mosque level schools, 1271 primary schools, 185 middle schools, 193 high schools and 10 higher secondary schools.
Here is an analysis and details data of Government Schools of all 03 tehsils of district Gujrat.

Tehsil Gujrat
82 Mosque Level Schools,
673 Primary Schools,
93 Middle Schools,
107 High Schools,
02 Higher Secondary Schools
Total Government Schools are 957.

Tehsil Kharian
140 Mosque Level Schools,
466 Primary Schools,
77 Middle Schools,
67 High Schools,
04 Higher Secondary Schools
Total Government Schools are 754.

Tehsil Sarai Alamgir
58 Mosque Level Schools,
132 Primary Schools,
15 Middle Schools,
19 High Schools,
04 Higher Secondary Schools
Total Government Schools are 228.

Above given data and figures are only about Provincial Government Schools, there are also many Private Schools and some Federal Government Schools in District Gujrat.

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