Area, Population and Location of District Gujrat

Area of District Gujrat is 1232.4 Miles² or 3192 km². 

Population of District Gujrat, according to 1998 Census (last census of Pakistan), is 2,048,000. Population of Gujrat is almost 24 lacs, if assessed for year 2010.

Geographic Coordiantes of District Gujrat: Gujrat is located on following geographic coordinates 32°34′25.67″N   74°4′44.18″E

Location of District Gujrat: Gujrat is located between two famous rivers of Pakistan; Chenab River and Jhelum River. Gujrat District is located between Islamabad (Federal Capital of Pakistan) and Lahore (Provincial Capital of Punjab, Pk). 

Distance from Gujrat to Other Major Cities of Pakistan:
Distance from Lahore to Gujrat is 120 km and distance from Islamabad to Gujrat is about 160 km. Distance from Sargodha (another important city of Pakistan) to Gujrat is about 180km. Distance from Gujranwala to Gujrat.

How to Reach Gujrat?
You can go to Gujrat through different means. Nearest airports are Islamabad International Airport, Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore, Sialkot International Airport Lahore. High Quality Roads are there from all these three cities to Gujrat. Public Transport and Rent A Car is also available to reach Gujrat from these cities.

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