Gujrat - Live TV Channel on Internet

There are some TV Channels with names like "Gujrat TV Channel", "Gujrat TV Network", "Gujrat News TV Channel", "GTV" on internet..... But none of them is working properly on internet. Either these are fake TV Channels or their links are down. But the first statement looks more appropriate, as I didn't know any proper TV channel here in Gujrat. If you know any TV Channel about Gujrat; either traditional On Air TV Channel or On Web TV Channel, Please let me know by writing it in the comments form below.
However, you can watch "Geo TV" online here. Its a great TV channel.

Wait upto 1 minute to Watch Geo News Live

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  1. Hey, I am also looking for an informative channel of Gujrat in Pakistan please, help me if you find any channel regarding Gujrat city.


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