Langay District Gujrat

Langay Gujrat

Official name is Langah. Langay is (also known as Langah or Langa) a major village both in size and regional politics. It is a union council of Gujrat District. It is located just three miles south of the town of Mangowal. Other nearby famous towns are Shadiwal, Asad Ullah Pur, Chakeriyan, Khojian Wali and Golay Ke. Langay is also not far from Headworks Khanki on the Chenab River. Langay is located on Samman road which runs almost parallel to Sargodha road connecting the populous to the city of Gujrat, the district headquarters.

Village Langay comprises upon Langay (itself), Nawan Lok (Warraich Abad), Ranjhian da Daira, Kot Miana and Kakay Chak. It has Government Rizvia High School for Boys and an Inter College for Girls. It has also many private schools. Habib Bank Limited has a branch in this village. Phone Number of HBL, Langay is 0546-618338.


  1. Thanks for make this great blog about MY Country.

  2. Hello Nazim,

    I wanted to let you know that I found your website, the Gujrat Punjab Pakistan Blog, when I was trying to google information about Gujrat, Pakistan.

    I would especially like to request a feature report on Moinuddinpur or also known as Momdeepur. If you could post pictures of the village that would be great. It would be great if you could tell us all about this village, what are the main features of this village, what it is known for, what people from here are described as. I would be interested in mainly a contemporary focus on this village. If you also learn of any historical information on this village, you can add that too. If you can post pictures especially, that would be great. I would really appreciate it a lot!

    It would really be interesting to see a documentary style of Gujrat, like major sites, important places, if you can show the darbars. I know that Gujrat has in its history been very famous for its pottery, if you could do a feature on that, and if there are any landmarks in the name of Sohni Mahiwal, that'd be interesting to see. Photos would be great, if possible. Especially photos of everyday real life in Gujrat now, and how it currently looks.

    Also, you once had a post on the University of Gujrat, could you discuss more about this University and show pictures. Is the composition of students mostly from Gujrat, or other places in the country? It would be interesting to learn more about this University and its community of professors, scholars and students.
    Fantastic website, keep up the great work!


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