How to Reach Gujrat? Roads and Nearby Airports

Gujrat is situated on a prime location between provincial capital Lahore and federal capital Islamabad on main G.T. Road. Sialkot International Airport (Sambrial) is the nearest airport to Gujrat. It takes only 30 minutes from Gujrat to Sialkot International Airport as it is only about 30 Km away from Gujrat. However the airports of Lahore and Islamabad are also not so far. Lahore is only 120 Km from Gujrat on a drive of about 2 hrs.. And Islamabad is 160 Km away from Gujrat and it is hardly on a drive of 3 hrs. Roads from all the three airports (Sialkot, Lahore and Islamabad) are wide and of high quality. Gujrat is situate on a latitude of  32° 34' 0" North and a longitude of 74° 5' -1" East. Although Gujrat has its own Airport Site. But it is not completed and so not being used for commercial flights. But some flying clubs of big cities land their aeroplanes on this airport during their flights.

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