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Akbar Resort - Kinara Hotel and Restaurant

Akbar's Kinara Hotel at River Chenab

Akbar Resort Gujrat comprises upon Banqueting Hall, Kinara Barbeque, Mosi Coffee Shop, Khans Buffet, Oven Pride Patisserie Bakers, Executive Health Club, Indoor Halls and Outdoor Lawns, Outdoor Catering. It has also play land for children and a garden for wedding and functions arrangements.

Motto of "Akbar Resort" is -hospitality is our business-

Kinara Hotel, Restaurant and Marriage Hall is situated at Chenab Riverside on main Gujrat-Lahore GT Road between Gujrat and Wazirabad. The location of this Resort is very much attractive.
Kinara Hotel Gujrat
Akbar's Kinara Hotel

Documentary about Kinara Hotel

Here is a video documentary about Kinara Hotel made by a tourist. He said that facilities at Kinara Hotel are not less than PC Hotel. He was very satisfied from the services/facilities of Kinara Hotel and recommends other tourist to visit Gujrat and have a stay at this beautiful hotel.

Contact Phone Numbers
For more informations and booking you can contact on:

17 تبصرے:

  1. nice place to spend your evening, nice people and good food

    Imran Javid Khan
    Wazirabad(Riyadh K.S.A)

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  2. can you please put on this web sites the updated rates of buffet and banquet hall prices.

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  3. Kinara Resturant has nice location, live music and nice food though on expansive side but an abnoxious and discourteous service. The order is brought in bits and pieces, the cutlery / tissue papers / napkins are provided only once demanded. The waiters also needs to be given few lessons / guidelines on service / presentation.

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  4. Had a wedding last month. its an amazing place with an amazing service. everyone should checkout this place.

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  5. a realy pathatic website with which no one can see your menu , rate , resturant booking and etc. please make it clear for your customer.
    shahryar gujranwala

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
    1. Its not a website you idiot. This is a blog.

      حذف کریں
    2. the word hmmmm means the lesson is home yet mr annonimous is hopeful for some more in put by sana ROFL

      حذف کریں
  6. hy it has a beautiful building and alsoo food i have only 1 chance to go theire butt his servies is shit not only shit oooo i have no word to saying about his servies . i take buffet , buffet incherg behvioor was soo roude and alsoo stuff..i alsoo work in resturent in uk its name is aggrah.. plz its my saggestion if u solves this mater then ur resturent will stand of top resturens of pakistan.. i belonf dingah teh kharian .. dis gujrat

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  7. i have been there several times. food is realy very nice.prices are reasonable,,,,website should be improved as there is no adiquate information about hotel,menu and prices,,,,good luck Haji Chaudhry Safdar of Hajiwala
    Waseem Gujjar belgium,,,from gujrat

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  8. I am not very much satisfied wid the akbar resort hotel management and the staff their they are so rude and have no quick response ...people need customer specification and they have their own money to be spend where ever they want to So its my suggestion for the staff to be build good image for their organization and focus on customer relationship management

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  9. my aquarium shop in gujranwala, i design sea ( marine water ) setup , wall aquarium , stand cover aquaium tabel aquarium ,counter aquarium and fresh water aquarium design contact : 0301-6400928,Ocean Life aquarium grw

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  10. what is the rate of boating there...can the boating be done at night????

    جواب دیںحذف کریں

    جواب دیںحذف کریں

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