Police Stations (Thaana) in Gujrat

Police Stations (Thaana) in Gujrat

Police Stations (In Urdu Thaana) in Gujrat Pakistan- Address and Contact Phone Numbers.

Police Station A Division Gujrat

Address:           Near Fawara Chowk Gujrat City.
Telephone:        053-9260020

Police Station B Division Gujrat

Address:           Khawajgan Road, Gujrat
Telephone:        053-3523447

Police Station Civil Line Gujrat

Address:           Jalalpur Jattan Road, Gujrat.
Telephone:        053-3608539

Police Station Larri Adda (Bus Stand) Gujrat

Address:           General Bus Stand, Gujrat.
Telephone:        053-3523481

Police Station Rehmania Gujrat

Address:           Village Vains. Tehsil & District Gujrat
Telephone:        053-3511016

Police Station Saddar Gujrat

Address:           Near Gillanwla Bridge, Gujrat
Telephone:        053-3536414

Rescue 15 Gujrat

Address:           G.T Road near Amin Fans, Gujrat
Telephone:        053-3532407, 3532408, 3532409


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  2. it is good however it would be more beneficial for the public if all the phone and cell numbers of each and every SHO of police station of gujrat DISTRICT ALONGWITH POSTAL ADDRESS IS INCORPORATED

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