Fan Industry in Gujrat Pakistan

There are more than 500 fan manufacturing units in Gujrat. Millions of fan units manufactured in these industries each year in a wide variety and designs. They are good looking, noiseless, high quality and equipped with latest technology. In short you can say that Gujrat is leading the world in Fan Industry.
Royal Fans, Pak Fans, Younas Fans, GFC Fans, Metro Fans and Inayat Fans are some of the most popular Fan Brands of Gujrat. These Fan Manufacturing Units are not only producing but also many other electrical appliances e.g. Washing Machines, Air Conditioners and Electrical Motors.
Manufacture of Royal Fans have started manufacturing Royal Motorcycle while Metro Motorcycle has been launched by Metro Fans.


  1. Nazim please tell us more about Gujrat City.

  2. ok soon i will post more information about Gujrat.
    From: Nazim


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