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Election Details of All Constituencies of District Gujrat

There are total 1,581,402 registered voters (882,948 men and 698,454 women) in District Gujrat. According to the number of voters, Gujrat is one of the big districts of Punjab; Gujrat is on 10th position out of total 36 districts of Punjab province. Politicians of Gujrat has also influence on national and provincial level politics.

Election Details of District Gujrat
Election Details of District Gujrat

There are total 4 seats of District Gujrat in national assembly while 8 seats in provincial assembly. Below is given details of each constituency of Gujrat; number of registered voters, localities and names of most popular candidates of that region.

Constituencies of National Assembly in District Gujrat

NA-104 (Gujrat-I)

No. of registered voters = 303985
Areas in NA-104 includes Jalalpur Jattan, Daulat Nagar, Machhiwal, Makiana, Fatehpur, Hajiwala, Chechi, Karriwanwala, Tanda, Piroshah, Surkhpur, Barrilla and other villages near Chennab river etc.

NA-105 (Gujrat-II)

No. of registered voters = 291505
This constituency includes Gujrat Municipality, Kunjah, Shadiwal, Madina, Gakhra, Mangowal, Keeranwala, Jheuranwali, Goleki, Khojianwali, Langay and other villages in this area.

NA-106 (Gujrat-III)

No. of registered voters = 319747
Lala Musa, Dinga, Jaura, Deona, Majra, Warrainchanwala, Chakori, Bagrianwal, Machiana, Sadhoke, Marala, Kharian Cantt, Adhowal, Bazurgwal etc came under this constituency of national assembly.

NA-107 (Gujrat-IV)

No. of registered voters = 308463
Kharian, Sarai alamgir, Kotla Arab Ali Khan, Sabour, Village Bhalwal, Thutta Rai Bahadur, Langrial, Ladian and some villages along river Jhelum are part of this constituency of the district Gujrat.

Constituencies of Punjab Assembly in District Gujrat

PP-108 (Gujrat-I)

No. of registered voters = 150269

Jalalpur, Karianwala, Hajiwala, Tanda and Surkhpur etc forms this provincial constituency.

PP-109 (Gujrat-II)

No. of registered voters = 153716

Jalalpur Jattan, Daulat Nagar, Fatehpur etc forms PP-109.

PP-110 (Gujrat-III)

No. of registered voters = 150599

PP-110 consists of Kunjah, Shadiwal, Qanungo Halqas 1 and 2 of Gijrat Tehsil, Majra, Hariwala, Goleki, Langay etc.

PP-111 (Gujrat-IV)

No. of registered voters = 140906

This is the most important constituency of Gujrat District as it is located in city area of Gujrat.

PP-112 (Gujrat-V)

No. of registered voters = 153702

Lalamusa, Chokar Kalan, Deona, Majra, Chak Pindi are in PP-112.

PP-113 (Gujrat-VI)

No. of registered voters = 166045

Dinga, Jaura and Bagrianwala etc included in this halqa. 

PP-114 (Gujrat-VII)

No. of registered voters = 168395

Halqa PP-114 is formed by Sarai Alamgir, Dhuni, Dhoria, Murrarrian etc.

PP-115 (Gujrat-VIII)

No. of registered voters = 140068
Following localities are in this constituency; Kharian, Kharian Cantt, Gotriala, Cherraula etc

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