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Principal Tribes, Castes and Clans in Gujrat

Main Famous Tribes in Gujrat district are:
Principal Tribes, Castes, Clans or Families residing in Gujrat district of Punjab Pakistan are Jatts (Jutts), Gujjars, Mughals, Syeds, Rajputs, Kashmiris, Arians and Malik Awans.
The main Jutt clans are Warraich, Gondal, Chadhar, Cheema, Tarar, Virk, Malhi
Chatha, Bagril, Bangial, Badhan, Dhillon, Dhotar, Gujjral, Ghumman, Hanjra, Kang, Langrial, Sahi, Sarai, Sipra, Sandhu, Sial, Tatla, Thathaal. The title or surname used for all Jatts is Chaudhary.
The major Gujjar clans are Khatana, Maher, Mahrana, Kalo, Cheechi, Thikria, Paswal.

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  1. any one tell me what the diffrent about JATTS and

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  2. Jatts are Farmers Gujjar are Milkman who owns cows and supply milk Gujjar & Jatt both you can find in Pakistan and India in Hindu and Muslims also in sicks

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
    1. Well not you just called gujjar milkman...bro gujjar are well setled tribe who owns lands...there is some who sell milk no doubt but u couldnt classify them in milkman category...every one have there life of earning...

      حذف کریں
  3. What types of bhattis live in gujrat? btw do "Maliks" live in Gujrat?

    جواب دیںحذف کریں
  4. Sorry I meant which clans of Rajputs live in Gujrat? Bhatti? Janjua?

    جواب دیںحذف کریں

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